PROJECTS: Theosophical Work

Maithreya has held offices in The Theosophical Society for several years from his youth. He was the President of the Vasanta Youth Lodge, Adyar. Later he became the President of the Adyar Lodge at the Headquarters and was also the President of the Madras Theosophical Federation comprising 15 lodges and nearly a 1000 members. He has also been on the Council of the Indian Section of The Theosophical Society. During his tenure as President of the Madras Theosophical Federation he revived two lodges and they are now active with many members; one of these is the Vasanta Youth Lodge for persons up to the age of 30 years. 

See Gallery for a programme held for college students of Chennai where 18 papers were presented. The programme was coordinated by the youth and was under the banner of the Madras Theosophical Federation.

This project as also the book 'Theosophy, The Theosophical Society and the Founders' were both funded by a grant from the Indian Section of The Theosophical Society.

He is a writer and has lectured on Theosophy in different parts of the world (India, the USA, East & Central Africa, Europe, Israel, Singapore, New Zealand & Australia). In many cases he was accompanied by his wife Dr. Sunita Maithreya who has also lectured along with him.


Two exercises were conducted for the board members of New Zealand and Finland respectively. This involved a preliminary survey followed by a brainstorming exercise with the members of the two boards in the respective countries. The questionnaire gives an idea of the content of the survey[s] and the session[s] that followed.

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